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Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals (Makeup 511) Thursday, June 8th @ 7:05PM

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Sorry - Couldn't find tickets on eBay for this game...
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SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Upper 419N$22.00

Upper 416H$22.00

Upper 409G$22.00

Upper 405C$23.00

Upper 420C$23.00

Upper 409G$23.00

Upper 407K$23.00

Upper 417H$23.00

Upper 418H$23.00

Upper 407E$24.00

Terrace 226H$24.00

Upper 408H$24.00

Upper 420F$24.00

Upper 419D$24.00

Upper 416F$24.00

Upper 408J$24.00

Upper 407J$24.00

Upper 419F$24.00

Terrace 226F$24.00

Upper 416L$24.00

Upper 416K$24.00

Upper 406J$25.00

Terrace 224H$25.00

Upper 419E$25.00

Terrace 224H$25.00

Terrace 226E$25.00

Upper 420A$25.00

Upper 407H$26.00

Upper 417E$27.00

Upper 406G$27.00

Terrace 224K$27.00

Terrace 222G$27.00

Terrace 230D$28.00

Upper 405D$29.00

Upper 420E$29.00

Upper 420C$29.00

Upper 418A$29.00

Mezzanine 239B$29.00

Upper 405A$30.00

Upper 419G$30.00

Terrace 222P$30.00

Gallery 308L$30.00

Gallery 307F$30.00

Outfield 103U$30.00

Upper 419E$31.00

Upper 408E$31.00

Upper 419H$31.00

Terrace 224D$31.00

Gallery 311F$31.00

Terrace 222M$32.00

Outfield 105U$32.00

Outfield 103S$32.00

Gallery 321D$32.00

Gallery 307D$32.00

Upper 407B$33.00

Terrace 226D$33.00

Outfield 105J$33.00

Outfield 106P$33.00

Outfield 106U$33.00

Terrace 234A$33.00

Gallery 321B$33.00

Gallery 308D$33.00

Outfield 103F$33.00

Upper 408C$34.00

Terrace 222C$34.00

Outfield 106N$34.00

Outfield 106AA$34.00

Outfield 105L$34.00

Outfield 104N$34.00

Outfield 105R$34.00

Gallery 305G$34.00

Gallery 305A$34.00

Terrace 224G$35.00

Outfield 106M$35.00

Mezzanine 223M$35.00

Mezzanine 204L$35.00

Gallery 306D$35.00

Gallery 307C$35.00

Upper 418D$36.00

Terrace 222C$36.00

Outfield 106K$36.00

Outfield 105BB$36.00

Mezzanine 203E$36.00

Mezzanine 204F$36.00

Gallery 321D$36.00

Gallery 305D$36.00

Gallery 305B$36.00

Gallery 304C$36.00

Mezzanine 229K$36.00

Mezzanine 229H$36.00

Outfield 105G$36.00

Upper 417C$37.00

Terrace 224F$37.00

Outfield 104X$37.00

Outfield 140K$37.00

Mezzanine 203D$37.00

Gallery 303A$37.00

Gallery 321C$37.00

Mezzanine 203F$37.00

Outfield 100J$37.00

Mezzanine 204D$37.00

Upper 419D$38.00

Outfield 142H$38.00

Outfield 141J$38.00

Mezzanine 227E$38.00

Corners 135VV$38.00

Gallery 305B$38.00

Mezzanine 229P$38.00

Mezzanine 203B$38.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133AA$39.00

Upper 417D$39.00

Terrace 232A$39.00

Outfield 142K$39.00

Gallery 304A$39.00

Upper 416A$40.00

Gallery 311G$40.00

Corners 136R$40.00

Mezzanine 239C$40.00

Upper 419B$41.00

Terrace 222G$41.00

Outfield 143H$41.00

Outfield 240B$41.00

Gallery 308B$41.00

Mezzanine 231A$41.00

Corners 109CC$42.00

Mezzanine 227B$42.00

Outfield 143C$42.00

Outfield 240A$42.00

Terrace 222J$43.00

Corners 110DD$43.00

Gallery 309A$43.00

Upper 407A$44.00

Corners 110LL$44.00

Corners 108K$45.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113HH$45.00

Mezzanine 202A$45.00

Mezzanine 227C$45.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113TT$45.00

Corners 110J$45.00

Terrace 224E$46.00

Corners 109R$46.00

Upper 418A$47.00

Terrace 222D$48.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132UU$48.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113LL$49.00

Mezzanine 231A$49.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112AA$50.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113MM$50.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133TT$51.00

Upper 419A$51.00

Terrace 222C$51.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132PP$51.00

Corners 110J$51.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133AA$52.00

Corners 136NN$52.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113JJ$52.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132R$52.00

Corners 110F$52.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112HH$53.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 131AA$54.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 134Y$54.00

Gallery 319A$55.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112UU$55.00

Gallery 321A$55.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133K$56.00

Terrace 222A$57.00

Corners 136L$57.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113V$57.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133PP$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112V$58.00

Corners 136LL$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132T$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 113X$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112G$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133LL$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112S$58.00

Outfield 139K$58.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112Z$58.00

Mezzanine 219B$61.00

Corners 135H$61.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 134Z$61.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133T$62.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112P$62.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 115PP$62.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112P$62.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 111Y$62.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130SS$62.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133W$63.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112R$64.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 134AA$64.00

Mezzanine 207B$65.00

Corners 136G$65.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 115TT$67.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130Z$67.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114AA$67.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112H$68.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112N$69.00

Corners 136K$69.00

Mezzanine 221B$70.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132R$70.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130NN$70.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 111AA$72.00

Mezzanine 208H$73.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112R$73.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130BB$73.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114U$74.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 117JJ$77.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 131Y$78.00

Corners 110C$78.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 115AA$78.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 134E$79.00

Mezzanine 206F$80.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114T$80.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114S$80.00

Corners 136H$82.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112F$83.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114K$84.00

Mezzanine 218B$84.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114KK$85.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 128PP$86.00

Corners 136D$87.00

Corners 135F$87.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114J$88.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 131P$89.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114K$89.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133V$90.00

Mezzanine 220A$90.00

Corners 136F$91.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 115M$94.00

Mezzanine 220A$94.00

Corners 136E$96.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 131L$98.00

Corners 136B$98.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 134D$99.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 131M$100.00

Mezzanine 212B$100.00

Mezzanine 220D$104.00

Mezzanine 219A$104.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132F$104.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 111C$104.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 112D$110.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130T$115.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114G$115.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133E$115.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 132P$120.00

Baseline Box & Reserved 133D$130.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130S$136.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 114F$146.00

Dugout & Infield Boxes 130P$167.00

Diamond 125G$194.00

Diamond 123K$199.00


Home Plate Box AG$213.00

Nationals Park
Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals (Makeup 5/11)

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Sorry - Couldn't find tickets on eBay for this game...

Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals (Makeup 511) on Thursday, June 8th
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