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Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Saturday, July 22nd @ 6:07PM


From eBay:

End Date: Monday Jul-24-2017 10:33:03 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $395.00
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SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Upper View 529R$9.00

Upper View 513D$10.00

Upper View 529F$10.00

Upper View 519M$10.00

Upper View 519N$10.00

Upper View 512G$10.00

Upper View 512M$10.00

Upper View 518E$10.00

Upper View 506P$11.00

Upper View 505E$11.00

Lower View 430F$11.00

Lower View 406C$11.00

Lower View 430G$11.00

Lower View 430J$11.00

Lower View 431C$11.00

Upper View 535L$11.00

Upper View 535M$11.00

Upper View 535K$11.00

Upper View 504H$11.00

Upper View 504K$11.00

Upper View 504G$11.00

Upper View 536F$11.00

Upper View 503M$11.00

Upper View 536J$11.00

Upper View 537G$11.00

Upper View 537H$11.00

Upper View 537M$11.00

Upper View 525G$11.00

Upper View 528H$11.00

Lower View 429H$11.00

Upper View 526E$11.00

Upper View 525D$11.00

Upper View 519K$11.00

Upper View 529E$11.00

Club 348G$11.00

Upper View 525E$11.00

Upper View 529P$11.00

Upper View 529N$11.00

Upper View 535J$12.00

Upper View 535F$12.00

Upper View 535H$12.00

Upper View 535G$12.00

Lower View 429G$12.00

Upper View 525C$12.00

Club 303H$12.00

Club 301G$12.00

Lower View 435A$13.00

Lower View 403B$13.00

Lower View 404B$13.00

Lower View 429F$13.00

Lower View 429E$13.00

Club 304D$13.00

Club 301H$13.00

Right Field Pavilion 243H$13.00

Right Field Pavilion 243G$14.00

Club 301B$14.00

Right Field Pavilion 244E$15.00

Right Field Pavilion 246D$16.00

Right Field Pavilion 244D$16.00

Right Field Pavilion 243E$16.00

Right Field MVP 239R$16.00

Right Field Pavilion 247C$17.00

Upper View 529J$19.00

Upper View 530H$20.00

Field 134X$21.00

Field 134S$22.00

Field 102X$23.00

Field 102Z$23.00

Field 101Y$23.00

Lower View 415H$25.00

Lower View 415F$25.00

Lower View 416D$26.00

Lower View 416J$26.00

Club 343F$26.00

Club 343E$26.00

Lower View 421G$26.00

Lower View 416G$26.00

Lower View 417H$27.00

Club 343C$27.00

Club 343D$27.00

Terrace 228H$27.00

Lower View 421E$27.00

Terrace 205G$27.00

Club 343B$28.00

Club 343A$28.00

Terrace 228F$28.00

Terrace 228E$28.00

Terrace 206D$29.00

Field 130L$31.00

Field 130L$31.00

Field 130H$32.00

KnotHole Club 350CC$32.00

KnotHole Club 349CC$32.00

Field 130K$33.00

Field 130J$35.00

Field 130H$37.00

Field 130F$37.00

Field 130G$38.00

Field 130F$41.00

Club 317D$42.00

Club 317C$43.00

Terrace MVP 224D$43.00

Club 317C$44.00

Terrace MVP 210D$44.00

Field 109T$44.00

Field 130E$44.00

Terrace MVP 223C$45.00

Club 321C$45.00

Field 109S$45.00

Terrace MVP 221G$46.00

Club 331B$46.00

Field 109R$46.00

Club 321B$47.00

Terrace MVP 210C$47.00

Field 130D$47.00

Field 130C$47.00

Field 107G$47.00

Field 109K$47.00

Field 109P$48.00

Field 107G$49.00

Field 130C$51.00

Field 127X$79.00

Field 127N$83.00

Field MVP 111X$110.00

Field MVP 126V$115.00

Field MVP 110X$115.00

Field MVP 126P$120.00

Field MVP 110Z$123.00

Field MVP 110N$133.00

Diamond Club 120R$178.00

Angel Stadium

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End Date: Monday Jul-24-2017 10:33:03 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $395.00
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Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels on Saturday, July 22nd
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