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Brooklyn Nets 
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12Nets at Minnesota Timberwolves (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 7:00
Target Center
prices: $404 - 2,186Tickets
14Nets at Philadelphia 76ers (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 7:00
Wells Fargo Center-PA
prices: $298 - 298Tickets
16Charlotte Hornets at Nets 7:30
Barclays Center
prices: $112 - 894Tickets
18Nets at Miami Heat (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 3:30
American Airlines Arena - FL
prices: $76 - 9,361Tickets
20Nets at New Orleans Pelicans (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 6:30
Smoothie King Center
prices: $177 - 7,027Tickets
21Nets at Toronto Raptors (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 7:00
Amalie Arena
prices: $49 - 619Tickets
23Boston Celtics at Nets 7:30
Barclays Center
prices: $59 - 15,984Tickets
25Phoenix Suns at Nets 3:30
Barclays Center
prices: $136 - 3,775Tickets
27Nets at Toronto Raptors (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 7:30
Amalie Arena
prices: $128 - 1,142Tickets
29Nets at Indiana Pacers (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 7:00
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
prices: $62 - 493Tickets
30Portland Trail Blazers at Nets 8:00
Barclays Center
prices: $133 - 731Tickets
2Nets at Milwaukee Bucks (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 2:30
Fiserv Forum
prices: $127 - 2,684Tickets
4Nets at Milwaukee Bucks (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 6:30
Fiserv Forum
prices: $100 - 9,361Tickets
6Nets at Dallas Mavericks (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 6:30
American Airlines Center - TX
prices: $78 - 9,361Tickets
8Nets at Denver Nuggets (Reduced Capacity, Social Distancing) 8:00
Ball Arena
prices: $110 - 1,120Tickets
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12San Antonio Spurs at Nets 8:00
Barclays Center
prices: $115 - 11,647Tickets
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15Chicago Bulls at Nets 11:59
Barclays Center
prices: $72 - 1,633Tickets
16Cleveland Cavaliers at Nets 11:59
Barclays Center
prices: $76 - 1,815Tickets
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