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Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD at Chicago Bulls HG 3 (Date TBD, If Necessary) Friday, May 5th @ TBA

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SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Parking - Lot CPARKING PASS$52.00

ParkingLOT C$52.00

Parking - Lot CGA0$96.00

Parking - Lot CGA3$105.00

Upper Level Corner 33215$130.00

Upper Level Corner 32315$136.00

Upper Level Corner 33216$143.00

Upper Level Corner 30315$150.00

Upper Level Corner 30415$157.00

Upper Level Baseline 3079$159.00

Upper Level Corner 3299$161.00

Upper Level Corner 32914$166.00

Upper Level Corner 30314$167.00

Club Level Baseline 2092$168.00

Upper Level Corner 31511$169.00

Upper Level Corner 33210$172.00

Upper Level Corner 32913$174.00

Upper Level Corner 3209$184.00

Upper Level Baseline 3279$189.00

Upper Level Corner 30310$192.00

Upper Level Baseline 3269$194.00

Lower Level Baseline 106M$195.00

Upper Level Corner 3049$201.00

Upper Level Sideline 31710$201.00

Upper Level Corner 32212$203.00

Upper Level Corner 3031$210.00

Upper Level Sideline 3337$219.00

Upper Level Sideline 3198$232.00

Upper Level Sideline 33416$240.00

Club Level Baseline 2281$248.00

Club Level Sideline 2192$249.00

Upper Level Corner 32215$253.00

Club Level Corner 2032$256.00

Club Level Sideline 2162$264.00

Lower Level Baseline 117C$265.00

Lower Level Corner 10418$266.00

Upper Level Corner 32111$271.00

Lower Level Baseline 117B$282.00

Lower Level Baseline 106B$282.00

Upper Level Corner 3238$285.00

Upper Level Corner 32311$286.00

Lower Level Baseline 106K$288.00

Lower Level Baseline 117A$299.00

Lower Level Baseline 106C$299.00

Lower Level Baseline 10711$315.00

Lower Level Baseline 118E$325.00

Upper Level Corner 3141$371.00

Upper Level Sideline 31710$371.00

Lower Level Sideline 11012$382.00

Upper Level Corner 3223$382.00

Club Level Baseline 2253$392.00

Club Level Corner 2233$426.00

Lower Level Baseline 11611$430.00

Club Level Corner 2212$450.00

Club Level Corner 2214$473.00

Club Level Baseline 2242$484.00

Lower Level Corner 1033$496.00

Club Level Corner 2054$513.00

Lower Level Corner 12018$540.00

Lower Level Baseline 117F$554.00

Lower Level Baseline 117A$668.00

Lower Level Sideline 121B$1719.00

Upper Level Sideline 33412$8489.00

Upper Level Corner 3323$8489.00

Upper Level Corner 31414$9358.00

Upper Level Corner 32115$9358.00

Upper Level Corner 32913$9358.00

Upper Level Corner 31213$9358.00

Lower Level Sideline 121B$17191719.00

United Center
Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD at Chicago Bulls - HG 3 (Date TBD, If Necessary)

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Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD at Chicago Bulls HG 3 (Date TBD, If Necessary) on Friday, May 5th
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