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Western Conference Semifinals: TBD at Houston Rockets HG 4 (Date TBD, If Necessary) Sunday, May 14th @ TBA

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SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Upper Level Baseline 4187$169.00

Upper Level Baseline 4197$171.00

Upper Level Baseline 4346$187.00

Upper Level Baseline 4197$191.00

Upper Level Sideline 42710$204.00

Upper Level Baseline 43212$204.00

Upper Level Sideline 4267$204.00

Upper Level Sideline 4113$214.00

Upper Level Sideline 4283$214.00

Upper Level Baseline 4023$224.00

Upper Level Corner 4248$225.00

Upper Level Baseline 4324$228.00

Upper Level Corner 4296$228.00

Upper Level Baseline 4022$232.00

Upper Level Baseline 4024$235.00

Upper Level Sideline 4082$237.00

Upper Level Sideline 40811$243.00

Upper Level Sideline 4272$246.00

Upper Level Sideline 42710$257.00

Upper Level Baseline 43212$259.00

Upper Level Sideline 41110$276.00

Upper Level Sideline 4111$283.00

Upper Level Sideline 4281$284.00

Upper Level Sideline 4273$294.00

Upper Level Baseline 4194$295.00

Upper Level Baseline 4195$295.00

Upper Level Sideline 42610$304.00

Upper Level Sideline 40910$357.00

Upper Level Corner 4241$357.00

Upper Level Sideline 4104$367.00

Upper Level Sideline 4106$397.00

Lower Level Baseline 126H$466.00

Upper Level Baseline 4014$478.00

Upper Level Sideline 41011$478.00

Upper Level Baseline 4169$478.00

Lower Level Corner 11115$478.00

Upper Level Baseline 4019$478.00

Upper Level Baseline 40215$478.00

Upper Level Baseline 41611$478.00

Lower Level Baseline 10221$478.00

Lower Level Baseline 11528$487.00

Lower Level Baseline 12518$524.00

Lower Level Baseline 11327$535.00

Lower Level Baseline 11526$555.00

Lower Level Baseline 11524$555.00

Lower Level Baseline 11526$558.00

Lower Level Baseline 10126$568.00

Lower Level Baseline 11525$583.00

Lower Level Baseline 12627$588.00

Lower Level Baseline 11225$626.00

Lower Level Corner 12317$649.00

Lower Level Corner 12423$722.00

Lower Level Corner 11123$780.00

Lower Level Corner 11610$881.00

Upper Level Baseline 43313$1031.00

Upper Level Corner 4294$1288.00

Lower Level Club 10623$1300.00

Lower Level Club 10823$1878.00

Toyota Center TX

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Western Conference Semifinals: TBD at Houston Rockets HG 4 (Date TBD, If Necessary) on Sunday, May 14th
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