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Orlando Magic at Washington Wizards Sunday, March 5th @ 5:00PM

From eBay:

End Date: Wednesday Mar-15-2017 12:17:27 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $315.64
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Tickets from TicketCity available for this game, check below for more eBay / TicketNetwork tickets.
SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Mezzanine 426E$11.00

Mezzanine 409D$11.00

Mezzanine 430K$13.00

Mezzanine 426F$13.00

Mezzanine 413F$14.00

Mezzanine 407K$14.00

Mezzanine 426F$14.00

Mezzanine 423C$14.00

Mezzanine 431J$15.00

Mezzanine 430H$15.00

Mezzanine 408D$15.00

Mezzanine 409E$15.00

Mezzanine 421A$15.00

Mezzanine 414H$16.00

Mezzanine 414J$16.00

Mezzanine 411C$16.00

Mezzanine 426E$17.00

Mezzanine 402H$17.00

Mezzanine 413G$17.00

Mezzanine 426D$17.00

Mezzanine 406F$18.00

Mezzanine 433F$18.00

Mezzanine 423E$19.00

Mezzanine 418H$19.00

Mezzanine 411A$20.00

Mezzanine 430D$20.00

Mezzanine 416J$20.00

Mezzanine 418K$21.00

Mezzanine 411F$21.00

Mezzanine 404A$21.00

Mezzanine 425A$21.00

Mezzanine 402K$21.00

Mezzanine 415H$21.00

Mezzanine 419J$21.00

Mezzanine 432J$21.00

Mezzanine 415J$21.00

Mezzanine 407H$22.00

Mezzanine 400L$22.00

Mezzanine 400N$22.00

Mezzanine 415B$23.00

Mezzanine 400E$23.00

Mezzanine 419B$23.00

ParkingPARKING PA$23.00

Mezzanine 405G$23.00

Mezzanine 400N$23.00

Mezzanine 403J$23.00

Mezzanine 411E$23.00

Mezzanine 400O$23.00

Mezzanine 421A$24.00

Mezzanine 417D$24.00

Mezzanine 415B$24.00

Mezzanine 405H$24.00

Mezzanine 400K$24.00

Mezzanine 417G$24.00

Mezzanine 423A$24.00

Mezzanine 429F$24.00

Mezzanine 412F$24.00

ParkingPARKING PASS$26.00

Mezzanine 402B$26.00

Mezzanine 402F$26.00

Mezzanine 423C$26.00

Mezzanine 409D$26.00

Mezzanine 400K$27.00

Mezzanine 400D$27.00

ParkingPARKING PA$27.00

Mezzanine 400H$27.00

Mezzanine 400K$27.00

Mezzanine 417K$27.00

Mezzanine 417F$27.00

Mezzanine 417F$27.00

Mezzanine 426A$27.00

Mezzanine 404D$27.00

Mezzanine 404B$27.00

Mezzanine 400L$28.00

Mezzanine 402C$28.00

Mezzanine 425A$28.00

Mezzanine 409C$28.00

Mezzanine 419A$28.00


Mezzanine 415A$29.00

Mezzanine 432B$29.00

Mezzanine 430A$29.00

Mezzanine 417H$29.00

Mezzanine 408A$29.00

Mezzanine 430A$29.00

Mezzanine 427F$30.00

Mezzanine 411B$30.00

Mezzanine 408A$30.00

Mezzanine 419A$31.00

Mezzanine 432B$31.00

Mezzanine 417C$31.00

Mezzanine 402A$31.00

Mezzanine 413A$31.00

Mezzanine 415B$31.00

Mezzanine 432A$31.00

Mezzanine 419B$31.00

Mezzanine 432B$31.00

Mezzanine 402A$31.00

Mezzanine 402B$31.00

Mezzanine 402A$31.00

ParkingPARKING PASS$32.00

Mezzanine 400G$32.00

Mezzanine 427H$32.00

Mezzanine 415A$32.00

Mezzanine 430F$33.00

Mezzanine 405F$33.00

Mezzanine 418E$33.00

Mezzanine 421B$33.00

Mezzanine 418C$34.00

Mezzanine 423D$34.00

Mezzanine 418A$34.00

Mezzanine 423H$34.00

Mezzanine 418M$35.00

Mezzanine 409A$35.00

Mezzanine 432D$36.00

Mezzanine 422F$36.00

Mezzanine 430B$36.00

Mezzanine 401H$37.00

Club Level 218F$37.00

Mezzanine 400J$37.00

Mezzanine 426A$37.00

Mezzanine 432D$37.00

Mezzanine 421A$37.00

Mezzanine 417M$37.00

Mezzanine 432H$37.00

Mezzanine 419D$37.00

Lower Level 106N$39.00

Mezzanine 433H$39.00

Mezzanine 401F$40.00

Club Level 212F$40.00

Lower Level 105H$40.00

Lower Level 117Q$40.00

Mezzanine 421B$40.00

Mezzanine 415E$40.00

Lower Level 115O$41.00

Club Level 218E$41.00

Mezzanine 433O$41.00

Lower Level 116D$41.00

Lower Level 116N$41.00

Lower Level 106W$41.00

Club Level 213K$42.00

Mezzanine 430H$42.00

Club Level 210G$42.00

Club Level 213L$42.00

Club Level 211E$43.00

Lower Level 116G$43.00

Lower Level 115S$43.00

Lower Level 118Y/Z$43.00

Mezzanine 405E$43.00

Club Level 226C$43.00

Lower Level 106K$44.00

Lower Level 116J$45.00

Club Level 211A$45.00

Club Level 218D$46.00

Lower Level 117L$46.00

Lower Level 105O$46.00

Club Level 228L$46.00

Lower Level 115E$46.00

Lower Level 107J$46.00

Club Level 217J$46.00

Club Level 211A$46.00

Lower Level 118R$46.00

Lower Level 104P$46.00

Lower Level 106F$46.00

Club Level 225K$46.00

Lower Level 115S$46.00

Lower Level 116R$46.00

Lower Level 105S$46.00

Lower Level 116O$46.00

Club Level 227C$48.00

Club Level 217L$48.00

Lower Level 115R$48.00

Lower Level 115R$48.00

Mezzanine 431K$48.00

Club Level 227B$48.00

Lower Level 116L$50.00

Lower Level 118Y$50.00

Club Level 227E$51.00

Lower Level 115P$51.00

Lower Level 104R$51.00

Club Level 226A$52.00

Club Level 226A$53.00

Lower Level 115M$53.00

Lower Level 107X$54.00

Club Level 211D$55.00

Lower Level 117E$55.00

Lower Level 117C$56.00

Lower Level 105G$56.00

Lower Level 104O$56.00

Lower Level 115L$56.00

Club Level 212C$57.00

Lower Level 118G$57.00

Lower Level 104L$57.00

Club Level 227B$57.00

Club Level 213H$58.00

Lower Level 107S$58.00

Club Level 220G$58.00

Lower Level 120G$59.00

Lower Level 113K$59.00

Club Level 226B$60.00

Club Level 227A$60.00

Lower Level 119K$60.00

Lower Level 109N$61.00

Lower Level 105B$62.00

Club Level 212A$62.00

Lower Level 120S$62.00

Lower Level 105Q$62.00

Club Level 202A$62.00

Lower Level 120O$63.00

Club Level 214B$64.00

Lower Level 113T$64.00

Lower Level 116X$65.00

Lower Level 108C$65.00

Lower Level 120O$65.00

Lower Level 118M$66.00

Lower Level 115M$66.00

Lower Level 120Q$66.00

Lower Level 109J$67.00

Lower Level 109J$68.00

Lower Level 109J$68.00

Lower Level 113K$68.00

Lower Level 116Q$69.00

Lower Level 104S$69.00

Lower Level 113M$69.00

Club Level 219D$69.00

Lower Level 118P$69.00

Lower Level 102R$69.00

Lower Level 120J$70.00

Club Level 202A$70.00

Lower Level 116B$71.00

Club Level 212E$71.00

Club Level 210F$71.00

Lower Level 105D$72.00

Lower Level 115N$72.00

Club Level 209H$72.00

Lower Level 109M$72.00

Lower Level 115Y$72.00

Lower Level 106V$72.00

Lower Level 114C$72.00

Lower Level 105B$73.00

Club Level 210D$74.00

Suite 306GA$74.00

Lower Level 120F$75.00

Lower Level 109L$75.00

Club Level 228C$75.00

Club Level 228B$75.00

Lower Level 115L$76.00

Lower Level 104N$76.00

Suite 366BARSTOOL$76.00

Lower Level 109Q$76.00

Lower Level 120N$77.00

Club Level 203C$80.00

Lower Level 113C$82.00

Lower Level 119R$83.00

Club Level 228A$83.00

Lower Level 109F$83.00

Club Level 220D$84.00

Lower Level 114D$86.00

Lower Level 114Q$87.00

Lower Level 109C$87.00

Suite 366B$88.00

Lower Level 117A$89.00

Lower Level 120K$91.00

Lower Level 120M$91.00

Lower Level 121K$92.00

Lower Level 120L$92.00

Lower Level 120H$93.00

Lower Level 120K$93.00

Lower Level 113F$94.00

Lower Level 120H$95.00

Lower Level 103S$96.00

Lower Level 109G$96.00

Lower Level 114E$96.00

Lower Level 113B$98.00

Lower Level 110M$99.00

Lower Level 120J$99.00

Club Level 229D$100.00

Lower Level 120R$101.00

Lower Level 113P$101.00

Lower Level 109B$101.00

Lower Level 109A$101.00

Lower Level 121K$104.00

Lower Level 108A$105.00

Suite 311A$105.00

Lower Level 101J$106.00

Club Level 201E$108.00

Lower Level 120C$108.00

Lower Level 114A$109.00

Lower Level 120G$109.00

Lower Level 102B$109.00

Suite 311A$110.00

Lower Level 120F$110.00

Lower Level 120B$110.00

Lower Level 120C$110.00

Lower Level 112L$113.00

Lower Level 121J$115.00

Club Level 217A$116.00

Club Level 213L$116.00

Lower Level 110B$117.00

Lower Level 121J$124.00

Acela Club1$124.00

Lower Level 101L$125.00

Lower Level 121B$126.00

Lower Level 101K$129.00

Lower Level 101N$130.00

Acela Club1$131.00

Lower Level 100L$131.00

Club Level 216K$132.00

Lower Level 121H$133.00

Lower Level 121L$133.00

Lower Level 100L$134.00

Club Level 229A$134.00

Lower Level 120A$136.00

Acela Club1$136.00

Lower Level 121H$137.00

Lower Level 111J$137.00

Lower Level 111P$137.00

Lower Level 111O$140.00

Lower Level 100L$142.00

Lower Level 111S$143.00

Lower Level 110H$144.00

Lower Level 111P$144.00

Lower Level 100O$144.00

Lower Level 100L$146.00

Lower Level 110H$147.00

Lower Level 101S$149.00

Lower Level 112Q$149.00

Lower Level 110N$149.00

Lower Level 100N$150.00

Lower Level 111J$154.00

Lower Level 111J$154.00

Lower Level 100O$158.00

Lower Level 100J$161.00

Lower Level 121C$161.00

Lower Level 112B$165.00

Club Level 215E$166.00

Lower Level 101C$169.00

Lower Level 121B$181.00

Lower Level 111B$186.00

Lower Level 121E$187.00

Lower Level 121A$190.00

Lower Level 109A$190.00

Lower Level 112A$195.00

Lower Level 100L$196.00

Lower Level 121B$196.00

Lower Level 100R$197.00

Lower Level 111R$197.00

Lower Level 120A$198.00

Lower Level 101A$199.00

VIP 102BB$204.00

Lower Level 102A$206.00

Lower Level 112F$208.00

VIP East BoxDDD$208.00

Lower Level 111B$209.00

VIP West BoxCCC$212.00

Lower Level 112A$216.00

Lower Level 100H$225.00

Lower Level 100BB$229.00

VIP 101CC$233.00

VIP 100BB$240.00

West Box VIPJJJ$245.00

Lower Level 112AA$251.00

VIP 111CC$258.00

Lower Level 109E$259.00

VIP 120CC$260.00

West Box VIPFFF$287.00

VIP East BoxCCC$308.00

VIP 121AA$312.00

VIP 121AA$322.00

Lower Level 120E$343.00

VIP 100AA$361.00

Lower Level 100BB$366.00

Mezzanine 403J$430.00

Mezzanine 411E$430.00

Mezzanine 414H$430.00

VIP Gold NorthAAA$945.00

Suite 367ALL 18 TIX$1318.00

Suite 339ALL18TIXS$1433.00

Suite 213ALL 28 TIX$2196.00

Verizon Center
Orlando Magic at Washington Wizards

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End Date: Wednesday Mar-15-2017 12:17:27 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $315.64
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End Date: Tuesday Mar-14-2017 9:35:31 PDT
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End Date: Friday Mar-17-2017 7:37:29 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $152.40
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End Date: Wednesday Mar-8-2017 8:08:25 PST
Buy It Now for only: $65.48
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End Date: Friday Mar-10-2017 20:44:55 PST
Buy It Now for only: $360.16
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End Date: Tuesday Feb-28-2017 10:10:21 PST
Buy It Now for only: $1,123.36
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End Date: Tuesday Mar-21-2017 13:36:29 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $135.44
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End Date: Tuesday Mar-14-2017 15:03:25 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $132.26
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End Date: Wednesday Mar-8-2017 8:01:19 PST
Buy It Now for only: $67.60
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End Date: Wednesday Mar-8-2017 8:07:56 PST
Buy It Now for only: $139.68
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