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Wizards Playoffs Rd 2 East Conf Semifinals HG 4 (Date TBD, If Necessary) Friday, May 12th @ TBA

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End Date: Tuesday May-9-2017 13:43:58 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $752.78
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Tickets from TicketCity available for this game, check below for more eBay / TicketNetwork tickets.
SectionRowQtyPrice Each 
Mezzanine 407C$204.00

Mezzanine 405E$204.00

Mezzanine 431J$205.00

Mezzanine 402H$209.00

Mezzanine 418K$209.00

Mezzanine 426F$210.00

Mezzanine 411E$216.00

Acela Club1$240.00

Mezzanine 421A$248.00

Mezzanine 423A$254.00

Mezzanine 402A$257.00

Mezzanine 409P$264.00

Mezzanine 411A$267.00

Mezzanine 401K$273.00

Mezzanine 400N$273.00

Mezzanine 430A$280.00

Club Level 203F$287.00

Mezzanine 409E$291.00

Mezzanine 408D$291.00

Mezzanine 408P$303.00

Club Level 227A$317.00

Mezzanine 400C$341.00

Mezzanine 400E$351.00

Lower Level 118Z$353.00

Lower Level 115Z$353.00

Lower Level 115T$364.00

Mezzanine 416G$370.00

Lower Level 109R$392.00

Club Level 227C$394.00

Lower Level 101L$394.00

Lower Level 117E$400.00

Lower Level 110M$404.00

Lower Level 107M$405.00

Lower Level 108L$407.00

Lower Level 101L$408.00

Club Level 203A$413.00

Lower Level 120M$414.00

Lower Level 116M$417.00

Lower Level 112K$417.00

Lower Level 120L$422.00

Lower Level 105C$422.00

Lower Level 110H$428.00

Lower Level 107L$429.00

Lower Level 109J$429.00

Club Level 202K$443.00

Lower Level 111S$445.00

Lower Level 100O$458.00

Lower Level 121Q$468.00

Lower Level 100L$468.00

Lower Level 100N$468.00

Mezzanine 432D$477.00

Lower Level 100N$478.00

Lower Level 111P$478.00

Lower Level 105K$480.00

Club Level 213L$481.00

Lower Level 107P$486.00

Club Level 202J$492.00

Lower Level 113E$504.00

Lower Level 109O$523.00

Lower Level 110A$547.00

Lower Level 112H$575.00

Lower Level 112H$575.00

Lower Level 105J$581.00

Club Level 211A$581.00

Lower Level 109Q$697.00

Lower Level 106A$776.00

VIP 120CC$955.00

Lower Level 111B$1458.00

Lower Level 111A$1556.00

VIP 101CC$1646.00

Lower Level 101C$1724.00

VIP East BoxDDD$1724.00

Lower Level 112B$1724.00

Lower Level 121C$1724.00

Lower Level 121B$1724.00

Lower Level 110B$1724.00

Suite 306GA$1724.00

Lower Level 113C$1894.00

Suite 331A$1910.00

Suite 331BARSTOOL$1910.00

Suite 311BARSTOOL$1910.00

Suite 311A$1910.00

Lower Level 105z$2178.00

Lower Level 101T$2178.00

VIP 102BB$6672.00

VIP 111CC$8451.00

Mezzanine 400P$9168.00

Mezzanine 420M$9358.00

Mezzanine 404N$9358.00

Mezzanine 423I$9358.00

Mezzanine 403M$9358.00

Mezzanine 431N$9358.00

Mezzanine 400M$9358.00

Mezzanine 429M$9358.00

Mezzanine 414L$9358.00

Verizon Center
Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD at Washington Wizards - HG 4 (Date TBD, If Necessary)

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End Date: Tuesday May-9-2017 13:43:58 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $752.78
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Wizards Playoffs Rd 2 East Conf Semifinals HG 4 (Date TBD, If Necessary) on Friday, May 12th
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